When buying Aboriginal Art from us why not have it framed!  All of our aboriginal artwork displayed within our galleries are ‘stretched’ onto ‘stretcher frames’ with the frame being made from light-weight Australian Pine. At the time of sale these paintings are usually detached from their frames, rolled up and packed in round cylinders for ease of shipping worldwide.

However, if you would prefer, your painting can be sent to you already 'stretched'. We can custom make these to fit your artwork. There will be no additional waiting and you can put it straight on your wall, or make it easier for your friends when buying gifts for them. The below price for the stretcher frames includes the cost of freight to Australian domestic residences. The cost of shipping internationally will be calculated on checkout.

Just be sure to tick the framing option when purchasing your Aboriginal artwork.


Price List for Stretcher frames

30cm x 15cm $20.00   45cm x 60cm $70.00
30cm x 30cm $35.00   45cm x 120cm $100.00
30cm x 45cm $45.00   60cm x 60cm $75.00
30cm x 60cm $60.00   60cm x 90cm $95.00
30cm x 90cm $75.00   60cm x 120cm $120.00
30cm x 120cm $90.00   90cm x 90cm $120.00
45cm x 90cm $95.00   90cm x 120cm $140.00

Other sizes Please contact us

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